Equity Research Analysts

The leading equity research analysts are using our analysis tools and thorough data content to better analyze emerging markets and companies. Our aim is to minimize the time and effort required to research companies and sectors, and help you to provide sound investment recommendations.

Identify market opportunities with region specific data

Be the first to understand and then provide guidance around local events.

Get the local news on emerging markets faster, so you can be the first to understand current developments and deliver guidance to clients.

Monitor the companies, industries, and events that make an impact on market performance.

View the performance of custom watch lists, indices, currencies

Access research reports and estimates for emerging markets provided by local professionals.

Compare fundamentals across countries

Eliminate the time you currently spend checking and adjusting fundamentals data from different sources.

Benefit full coverage of standardized (and as reported) financials in the Emerging Markets.

Quickly and intuitively find the right comparables and benchmarks for valuations, and respond to clients faster.

Easily generate comparable analysis, company reports, market analysis and charts.

Timely access to company results

Be first to spot movements in the securities you cover, research them and provide guidance to your clients!

With state-of-the-art data management infrastructure, access company results (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow) as soon as they are published; ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the figures.

Create Automated Alerts for news and announcements related to your coverage or to a specific industry.

Create research reports in seconds

Streamline the process of building research reports with dynamic data tables.

Incorporate and update data such as company descriptions, financials, ratios, etc.

Build dynamic financial models

Improve speed and efficiency while building financial models with the usage of the Sophisticated Excel Add-in.

Create data models that can be automatically updated with the latest data.

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