Fund Managers

The leading fund managers prefer us for our unique combination of comprehensive financials, accurate and timely market data, analytics and research tools which help them to make better investment decisions and to enhance their strategies with new ideas.

Conduct Peer and Industry Analysis with Accurate Data

Analyze a company compared to the predefined peer groups in the Emerging Markets.

Conduct comparable company and sector analysis using group features.

Gain deeper insight into market and industry trends with our robust data set.

Create custom industries, indices, and various market views for benchmarking purposes.

Accelerate Stock Screening

Quickly identify investment opportunities by fundamental and comparative analysis.

Screen and filter key data items such as valuation multiples.

Define Automated Alerts to highlight new companies that match your screen criteria.

Spend More Time Doing Value-Added Research

Simplify your research process with StockGround® which combines in-depth company fundamentals with a wide range of research tools.

Quickly build and maintain financial models and populate your spreadsheets with standardized financials and comprehensive function set.

Retrieve the latest information with our Sophisticated Excel Add-in.

Compile Research and Estimates

Streamline your workflow by viewing research reports and estimates in one platform.

Analyze Target MCap, Net Sales, Net Profit, EBITDA, Forward EV/EBITDA and Forward P/E estimates.

View the consensus breakdowns and analysts' forecasts together with the original research reports.

React Quickly to Market Events

With state-of-the-art data management infrastructure, access company results (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow) as soon as they are published; ensuring you are always up-to-date with the figures.

Timely, detailed summaries of news and events that may affect the market value of securities.

Set alerts for financials announcements, key ratios, stock price movements, and news.

Benefit Advanced Charting Features

Conduct Technical Analysis with advanced charting tools and a broad range of technical indicators.

Extensive and timely end-of-day market data with in-depth coverage of equity, indices and currency.

Equity & index charting, including stock-to-index, stock-to-stock comparisons and multi-year historical price history.

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